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Atlanta Couples Marriage & Relationship Conflict Management


Couple Conflict Management and possible Conflict Resolution is for couples in toxic relationship patterns where you want your relationship to work but things are either stalled and going no where or directly to the relationship ending.

Use when traditional counseling hasn’t worked. Or one of the partners is not big on counseling.

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What’s different?

1.) This is Education Based Training Coaching and Discussion in a controlled environment with Coach Richard Taylor trained in Anger – Stress – Conflict – Relationship – Communication Management. You receive hand-out teaching points with an ACTION PLAN for each session.


2.) It is brief in nature. Usually 4-8 Sessions. You choose when things are better and you feel you no longer need to come since things are back to a better way of living.


3.) Couples need not “beat each other up” in the sessions.


4.) Can be started with couple or only one person attending.


5.) Same price for couple or single.


6.) IT WORKS! If both people are willing to address and own their own flaws and change themselves, resolution happens.


NOTE: Many couples continue with their current Marriage Counselor and that is encouraged.


This is not counseling. This is re-education of learned behaviors that are toxic.

You will learn to identify and modify your attitudes and behaviors to return to a more loving healthy interpersonal relationship.

Question: Does present day life seem like a burden and just getting through another day takes a lot of effort?

Is criticism and hurt the ever present pattern of interactions between partners?


Is any of these currently at work in your relationship?


–>Criticism –> Defensiveness  –> Contempt  –> Withdrawal


–>Days pass with no happiness and joy


–>Harsh words exchanged daily


–>Name Calling and Blaming a way of life


–>Life’s Passion is gone, just existing is our daily duty


–>Stuck. Destructive patterns exchanged frequently


–>At least one partner never forgets anything and continually revisits them.


–>You hear yourself say: “Our relationship is messed up!”


–>”Oh x#%!, Here we go again!”


Better get help fast. These are known to kill any relationship.




Couples Conflict Management will be scheduled on a case by case basis by appointment.


Director Richard Taylor offers Couple Conflict Management Sessions. They encompass a practical approach to providing a positive way of developing a healthier personality and reducing toxic anger within the relationship to help you get back on track and over the hurdle of hurt, resentment and withdrawal.

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People are waking up to the fact: “where ever you go, there you are.” Changing partners most often is not the answer. You will bring the same relationship patterns to the next relationship and find yourself in similar circumstances.


Participants find out quickly that what we teach really works. It helps them become more aware of their emotions, communication style, conflict, stress and anger issues and empathy they have or lack.


The couple can then begin the work of learning skills to address these issues.


Assertion is a powerful communication skill that helps people verbalize more effectively, with a calm tone that is more honest, and more appropriate to the situation. It is more effective than aggressive communicating or passive aggressive or passive communicating styles.


Assertive Training is taught to state unmet needs and communicate in ways that significantly reduce the angry feeling. Often our extremely effective anger management principles are embraced to support the process.


Stress: It is very important to manage stress in order to control conflict. Stress is usually the trigger for conflict/anger.


Empathy: the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and be able to be with and understand another person’s emotions is also a key component in controlling conflict.


We take a look at Passive and Aggressive Anger that might be at work in the relationship.


We help clients understand what conflict really is and give them the tools to start to manage their conflict/stress to lead more productive lives with a better relationship that enriches their life and often their children’s lives.


Couples Conflict Management Training consists of face-to-face training in individual sessions with the couple.


If Wanted: Certificate of Completion will be awarded on the last day to those completing ALL sessions and payment in full.


If Court Ordered: The participant can then give the Certificate of Completion to the Court or Probation Officer.


Couples Conflict Management will be scheduled on a case by case basis by appointment.




Over time our Couples Conflict Management has evolved. Most often one person presents themselves as ” The Angry One In The Relationship”. A lot of the time volunteering as they desperately want to save the relationship. Other times “forced” to come by their partner.


In either case we have a First Intake Meeting and establish an Action Plan and offer specific immediate tools to start the change process. Small changes by one partner can be huge as it then offers noticeable difference to the partner. This in turn helps them to shift their reaction. Hope is reinforced and also a vision that things can and will improve.


Repeat…this is not counseling. Therefore hours of delving into root causes is not needed. The “Blame Game” is not needed.


After a few individual sessions most often it is time to meet with the partner for them to check in and have their side presented.


Interactions, progress, stalls, what is happening, successes, then leads us to the next step. Often both partners come for some lively interactions for further goal development, further Action Plans and many times Behavior or Language Contracts to halt destructive interactions.


The Couple know when it is time to stop coming as Conflict has eased and they have the tools to continue to improve and re-establish prior happy times.


The myth says it takes 3 weeks to change a behavior into a habit. Other research finds it is about 66 days. So it suggested to give the relationship a better chance to keep things on track that you commit to 4-8 sessions.




Non Refundable


Call Richard at 678-576-1913 or e-mail to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. No Drop ins. Please check in to discuss your needs.




OPTION 1: 90 Minute Session


OPTION 2 – Fast Track – First Meeting
Choose Longer Session to Accomplish more and have Action Plan to do before next session.

Both Partners Arrive to Work On Issues.

Sessions: Choose: 120 Minutes | 3 Hours

After first session most couples opt for the One Hour Session Thereafter…Some like the longer sessions.

Behavioral Changes: It suggested to give the relationship a better chance to keep things on track that you commit to 4-8 sessions.

Call Richard at 678-576-1913 or e-mail to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. No Drop ins.


Non Refundable


Follow Up Consult Available When Needed.




Is your relationship worth saving for less than the cost of a large screen HDTV?


Is gaining life skills in Anger Management, Stress Management, Improved Communications, Emotional Intelligence and Changing one’s perception of the world that directly effects your relationships that will last a life time worth it?


How much does separation or divorce really costs? Google it.

What is the money cost… emotional cost… physical cost, mental cost, spiritual cost?


 How Much A Divorce Really Costs


Change can be hard. But if you want to save your relationship, personal growth is required. Most often one person willing to working towards bettering the relationship will affect the partner and a shift occurs bringing them around to wanting to participate.
Use Couples Conflict Management and possible Conflict Resolution of the relevant issues.


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To cancel your appointment it is expected to give us 24 Hour notice. Shorter notice or no notice results in full billing for lost time. No Exceptions.

Couples Conflict Management
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Couples Conflict Management

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Couples Conflict Management
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